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Avengers: Age of Ultron has come and gone and now we are all excitedly looking forward to Infinity Wars Parts 1 and 2. Thanos is coming and death is coming with him! Infinity Wars promises to be the biggest clash of Superheroes ever seen on film. The stakes will be higher than they have ever been before, but what about after the Mad Titan has had his day? Where does The Avengers franchise and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) go from there? Is there a life after Thanos? How do you make a sequel to such a huge film? You can't go bigger, but you can go deeper! My idea for the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 is Avengers: Under Siege.

Under Siege is a storyline in Marvel comics in which Baron Zemo leads a team of supervillains into Avengers Mansion in a brazen attempt to defeat the Avengers once and for all. This would be the perfect sequel to Infinity Wars because the stakes would still be insanely high, but it would also be a very down to earth action film full of amazing one-on-one fights. Every room in the Avengers facility could be a battlefield for an Avenger to face one or more supervillains. So who would be on this team of supervillains that would be bold enough to try to take the Avengers down on their own turf? I'm glad you asked..

Baron Zemo

Of course! Immediately after I heard Baron Zemo was going to be in the MCU I knew I wanted to see this film. I want to see Zemo doing what he does best - leading. Zemo is very similar to Captain America in some ways and that's what makes him such an incredible Cap villain. He's a leader, he's brilliant, strong, and driven. Baron Zemo is going to be a fantastic addition to the MCU and I think the audiences will want more of him after Civil War.


It's been a long time since we heard from Abomination, but apparently there were plans to have him in Avengers 2 so I think it would make sense to have him here. He would be the unstoppable force that could go toe to toe with whoever the Avengers' bruiser character is going to be at that time. Something tells me that General Ross is only in Civil War to set up an Abomination return (or make him Red Hulk, in that case he could fit in this slot).


Batroc gets a bad rep, but he is kick-butt. Yes, he might be the leaper, but he is also an incredible fighter as evidenced by Winter Soldier. He fought Cap and got away to a not-so-safe house. We could assume that Hydra released him under their employment. While he may not stand a chance to the Hulk or Thor, He would definitely be a big challenge to a character like Hawkeye, Black Widow, or Falcon.

Ulysses Klaw

How funny and great was Klaw in Age of Ultron? Everyone wants to see him again and I think he will in Black Panther, but I would also like to see him join this rough and tough group. He would be a great pairing to Zemo as he is very similar to him in approach. It would be fun to see them butt heads. Although perhaps by this time Klaw will be sporting that sonic arm of his and be the "Murderous Master of Sound." So he could change quite a bit by the time this movie rolls as around.

Yellow Jacket

In order for this movie to happen the bad guys MUST be able to break into the facility. Enter Yellow Jacket. He could easily break in because of his size and could then have some fun sneaking up on characters and hitting them when they least expected it. Ant-man hasn't come out yet, but from the looks of that trailer Yellow Jacket seems like he would be a pretty interesting character to throw into a team environment. He seems to have a very "CEO, my way or the highway, agree with me or you're an idiot" kind of mentality. That could be fun.


Rounding up the team would be one of Spideman's anamilistic enemies - Rhino. I know what you're thinking, no this is not Paul Giamotti and whatever that tank thing was form the last Spider-Man film. This would be a new iteration of the classic Spidey villain. Now this could also be Chameleon, Mysterio, or another Green Goblin whichever one will be facing the Webslinger in 2017. Rhino would be a great fit for this team, he's the right amount of muscle to finish off this stacked team.

So imagine that. A movie where Baron Zemo leads Abomination, Yellow Jacket, Rhino, Ulysses Klaw, and Batroc into the Avengers facility in a surprise attack on the Avengers. This would be a great action-packed movie, but it would also be small enough that you could really dig deep with these character and flush them out a little more than what we're used to in a big ensamble movie. What do you think? Is Avengers: Under Siege a good idea? Who would you want on the team? Let the Loki comments roll! ;)


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