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Well , we just love supervilains , specialy DC's . So her's The ones that you need to see !

One of Batman's worst enemys , He's stronge , smart , and probebly can kill you with one punsh ! He is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books on January 1993 , and was created by Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, and Graham Nolan. Bane is a physically strong enemy of Batman and is often credited for being the only villain to have "Broken The Bat." Sounds bad right ??

You know him as the killer of Superman , i mean c'mon , he's the only one who killed the man of steel . First appearing in 1992 in Superman: The Man of Steel #17 , if you're looking for the origins , i say you would like to read that !

An other creptonian like Superman , who really wants to kill every single human on earth just to creat he's own world . Ok that's messed up . First appering in April 1961 on Adventure Comics , known that kicked superman's butt but didn't won the fight and been send to an other dimantion !

Ok , just by the name you can tell that he's a smart supervillain . First appering in July 1958 on Action Comics . An extraterrestrial android who's a strong foe of Superman but i think he dosn't really get much credit .

If you don't know know who's sinestro , than i'll just tell you . He's Greean Lantern's archest enemy . Once was a member of The Green Lantern Corp , he descoverd the true power of fear , and left the corp to sprit fear all over the galaxy . First appaeaing in 1961 on American Comics . I bet you wanna read now , huh ?

Ra's al Ghul , arabic for head of he demon . One of Batman's greatest enemys . First appearing in 1971 on Batman #232's "Daughter of the Demon" . He's one of my favorite Supervillains spacialy when he was played by the legendary Liam him . We know Ra's as the immortal arabic worrior , but not in the movie .

Madly in love with Batman . Who els than The Catmwoman . One of the sexiest DC villains , First appeard in 1954 on American Comic Books . This character was able to take our hearts with her Charm .

One of the most powerful characters ever created . This strong enemy of The Justice League first appeard in 1970 on Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 . He made a huge secces in the comics and animation , and beside Smallville appearince , we're still waiting for a real one .

This sick billionair is mad about killing The Man of Still just to proove that he's better than a super alien . First appearing in 1940 on Action Comics , This character was played by Michael Rosenbaum in Smallville , and we're waiting for Jesse Eisenberg to try that role . Exiting right ?

I knew it , you knew , we all knew it . The Clawn Prince Of Crime , The Joker is obviously the number 01 on this list . First appeard in 1940 on American Comics As The Man Who Laughs .


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