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Today, Horror is many things, but nothing like it was in the seventies and eighties. Modern day Horror only really consists of a mix between heavy blood and gore, or paranormal flicks, leaving little room for the few Horror movies that are actually scary. But thanks to Evan Lee and his article about how a Michael Myers vs. Jason film would make Horror good again, I came up with the idea to step it up and list five Horror movies I think would really put Horror back in the special place it once was.

5. Freddy vs. Jason Part 2

At number five I've listed a Freddy vs. Jason sequel as a Horror film that would automatically draw positive attention towards the Horror genre. The first movie that was released in 2003 was an extremely big deal in Horror and everyone went to see it. If you weren't to familiar with this film at that time, then think of it as Horror's version of a Batman vs Superman.

4. Hatchet Sequels

Hatchet was doing a great job bringing the cheesy eighties vibe back to contemporary Horror with its simple plot and violent antagonist. But only two sequels have been made, and I'm sure fans of the trilogy want another installment. It would also be very good for Horror to have a modern day slasher franchise to help get Horror back to the place it once was at.

3. Jeepers Creepers Part 3

The first two Jeepers Creepers movies were incredibly scary, and managed to create a new Horror icon while at it! Rumors have been circling for years about part three of this potential franchise. And fans REALLY want to see it. So why not give us what we want?

2. Michael Myers vs. Jason Voorhees

A movie like this would obviously put Horror back on the map. Like I've been saying, fans have been asking for this movie for over thirty years. Imagine it finally being released, though? Of course, it would make a ton of money, but even more importantly, it would draw a lot of much needed attention towards the Horror movie genre.

1. HCU - Horror Cinematic Universe

The number one thing that would bring Horror back full force would be a cinematic universe similar to the ones DC and Marvel have been creating. As you can see, the idea is EXTREMELY successful, almost every superhero movie is an automatic success because of this formula. So If the Horror genre decides to go this route, they can expect something just as big as what Marvel is currently seeing. Fans have always wanted to see Batman and Superman in a movie together, but even before that people wanted to see Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers in a film together.


Which would YOU want to see most?


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