ByTimothy Mullins, writer at

The movie was dull, and in my opinion it was stupid. The ending everyone said it was sad and all of that, I just stared at it, I felt like busting out and laughing. "Is this supposed to be sad!?" It was ridiculous and the only redeeming factor to the whole movie was Jason Statham and his awesome demeanor. This is my review, the final fight with Statham and Diesel was bad, let's beat the bag guy by stomping my foot on the ground, like that would work in real life, if I wanted to watch something so blasphemous I would've watched Duck Dynasty. They didn't let Statham go out like a hero, but a minor little villain who isn't worth my time. "My name is Vin Diesel! Watch me stomp!"

And don't get me started on that song by Wiz Kalifa, it's all nice and good that it was a tribute to Walker, but really, that was one of the worst tribute songs I've ever heard.

What did you think about the movie?


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