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Have you heard of Shade: The Series? Yeah I'm not surprised, only 400 or so people have on YouTube. I'm here today to talk about why you should watch Shade.

Picture of Shade and his nemesis
Picture of Shade and his nemesis

So I admit, the first season of Shade is not as good as it could be. I have greatly improved in the art of film making since first filming Shade. The first episode is not my best work by any means, but I think you should judge the series as a whole, as I think it has some very cool parts.

When I see trailers and films like The Avengers and The Dark Knight, I am inspired. Shade was originally created as a small part in one of my first productions. However, when I had finished, I thought that Shade was such a good character it was only right that he was given his own 5 part series. The playlist is below.

So you watched the all of the episodes in season 1! I hope you liked it. If you did, be sure to post a review on IMDB. The series took a lot of effort, but don't worry this was filmed last year and Season 2 will not only be in full HD, but will also feature awesome new character arcs. There are so many ideas I have for the series, the only thing missing is a bigger fan base. So help me build up some hype for Shade: The Series Season 2 by sharing this article and liking the Shade: The Series Facebook page. Also check out the Trailer for Season 2 here -

I'm now going to talk a little bit about the character of Shade. I really like Shade. I created him in 2012. Some aspects of Shade are based on myself, and others parts from my favourite comic book characters like Batman. However, you may ask: isn't Shade a Batman rip off? Well actually no, and this will become more apparent in season 2 as Shade, unlike Batman, does not have a secret identity. In fact, over time Shade has ripped away his identity. Shade is a complex character who has made many enemies over his life because of the way he lives. Shade only does what he thinks is right, so instead of doing the morally correct thing Shade will often see things in his own way.

So now you know about Shade from my web series. I hope I now have you hooked and that you will subscribe to my YouTube channel to get updates of the series.


Are you now a Shade fan or Shadian?


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