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But not just any run-of-the-mill villain, I am a supervillain! A being with a knack for evil and a love for chaos! I wasn't born in the dark, I raised the dark! I do have cookies for those who join the dark side, but they're sugar-free soy cookies!


But I'm not all talk! No, I have a set of powers; evil, destructive, chaotic powers that prove just how evil I am! What are they?

My Three Powers


My mind is an enigma! My intelligence outmatches that of Batman and Sherlock Holmes' combined! I can use my mind for anything! I can solve crimes in a day, I can invent amazing gadgets and technological advancements, I can operate a toaster with ease!

Shadow Manipulation

I can control the shadows! I can use them to trap my foes, and create objects out of shadows; like swords, spears, etc. I can even use my control over them to get around quickly, gliding on a stream of shade! The only downside to this incredible ability? It's pretty much useless unless there's some light nearby...


So I make my own light! Who has time to wait for the sun? Not me! With my light manipulation power (or Photokinesis) I can not only make sure that there is enough light around for my shadow powers to work, but I can do things like blinding my enemies (extreme eye exposure to photons), burn them (extreme skin exposure to light radiation) and even make myself go invisible (bending light to trick the eyes into thinking I'm not there)!

I can even make it look like there's hundreds of me, even though there is only one super evil mastermind like myself!

So those are my powers, pretty amazing I know. You would think that I would have the entire world bowing at my knees right now. But unfortunately, there is someone who stands between me and world domination.

My Ultimate Nemesis

The Sentry

Ooh I hate this guy! He thinks sooooo cool just because he's practically a god. Honestly, instead of an S, there should be an O on his waist for "overkill"! He can lift objects that weigh tons, move faster than the speed of light, control light, see people's nerve centers, teleport, regenerate, he can bring people back to life—BY TOUCHING THEM!

Why are there any other heroes in the world? I've made it a personal challenge to try and defeat him,; because once you kill the unkillable, no one would dare to stand in your path!

Well there you have it I have shown you my supervillain prowess! Now I nominate Jon Negroni, Ian Simpson, Cassie Benter, Dana Abeln, and Lex Luther! Are you a hero or a villain? Tell me, along with your three powers and your ultimate nemesis in an article, and make sure to nominate some Creators yourself!

[Thanks to Mike Fleck for nominating me]


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