ByAndrew Young, writer at

So with suicide squad coming and a new joker around the corner everyone is excited! But everyone is a bit meh about the new joker but I may have a few reasons why this could be the best joker to date!

1. More comic like joker

While the dark knight was good because it was more realistic it limited what could be done with the characters but while this new universe we can do anything with the characters like make joker come back tonlife if he ever "dies" in the movies which Is something which would be hard in Nolan universe.

2. Audience

Now I liked ledgers joker but you know who else does? Young emo teenagers (sorry but it's true) he was a role model for teenagers but this new joker? Maybe he will finally appeal to an older audience?

3. it's time to move on

Ledger has been gone for a while now and while it's sad we need to stop saying no one can top his performance and if I'm honest I think jacks joker was the best so anyone can easily top heaths performance, especially letos.

4. Harley quinn

The title says it all the joker will be finally complete with her! I can't wait!


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