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I like a little bit of everything. I love horror movies most but I also go crazy for comic book movies as well. I love TV shows that have to
Alexzandra Haberlin

OK before I start let me warn you mt family and I are huge comic movie fans so we love most these kind of movies. Anyway, it was a long movie to take a 10 and 7 yr old to but they did well and the movie had enough to keep both of them interested so that right there is saying a lot. I myself really enjoyed the movie. It had just the right amount of everything you expect from a comic book type movie. I love the Avengers movies because it ties all the other movies together. The one thing that kinda bothered me..........Spoiler alert.................. is scarlet witch and quicksilver they are supposed to me magnetos kids so sense they gave them new back stories does that mean no Avengers X-men cross over? What a bummer oh well beggars can't be choosers. I love both the Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America movies as well as the X-men movies so a girl can hope for a mash up can't she. Well no matter if some of the story is changed from the comics the movies came up with amazing back stories for all the characters. Another spoiler alert.................................. I love how they showed the back stories about each character it was nice to get to look into the pasts of the characters we haven't seen much about before. Well I hope my review didn't ruin your want and need to see this movie on the big screen because it is worth the watch. So get your butts to the theater and watch this movie everyone has a little geekiness in them indulge hehehe!


Are you or have you seen Avengers: Age of Ultron


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