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It was a crazy night last night, and this morning as well, with the set photos and videos of Jared Leto and Harley Quinn having a domestic dispute. I wrote an earlier article about it here, but now we have these HD images! The images come courtesy of Batman-News, Just Jared and If you want a quick video breakdown on the images take a look at my video breakdown of it as well below! Make sure to check out all the full images below as well!

Take a look below to see how this scene played out. It all started with the Joker in his car and Harley outside of it screaming her lungs out for him to get out, and of course Mr. J does, and he's pissed!

Of course he would be, I mean come on, the man probably has things to do like look for Batman and what not. What happens next is the big confrontation these two are about to have in the middle of the street, and mind you there's a trucker behind them witnessing all this unfold.

Harley calls out the Joker from his car and you can tell Mr J. is looking pretty stylish right here. I mean, why wouldn't he, right? He's a criminal and of course he's got money, or probably just stole all this stuff. Then what unfolds next is the argument that's driving us all insane.

The two go at it, but it seems Harley wants to make up rather than to break up as she goes in for a kiss, but of course, as we saw in the video, the Joker backs away. What happens next I never saw coming at all!

If you guys remember, The Joker and Harley are on a street fighting and there's a trucker behind them who clearly has to go somewhere. The trucker comes out of his truck with a weapon, because of course these two look crazy, and Harley pulls out a gun on him! I'm pretty sure you know where this is headed!

That's right, Harley freaking shoots the man and the pair continue to argue like nothing ever happened. This time, however, the tension increases and Mr. J looks a little uneasy?

Harley pulls the gun on The Joker, clearly she's had enough of his mind games and wants to put an end to him. This of course upsets The Joker, as you can see, and his movements are so close to the Arkham and animated series Joker! I personally love this part, it just shows us how much insanity is in this man to do this while someone has a gun to his head. There's another picture, courtesy of twitter user @casterlylock, that gives us a clearer look!

If you're a fan of the animated series, you know The Joker treats Harley pretty bad, so of course the next images won't be shocking. We all know the Joker is sadistic and couldn't careless for anyone, even Harley.

The Joker we all know is ruthless, as we see him completely throw Harley down with that backhand. It's going to be so cringe worthy to watch these two go at it like this, but that is who they are. I mean, look at the intensity of The Joker when he strikes her; it's pretty horrifying.

If you haven't noticed as well, all the tattoos from the previously released image are there. I can clearly see "damaged" on his forehead but here's some more pictures where you can see them clearer:

I used to be so upset with the tattoos, but seeing them now and how Leto is bringing to life this Joker I think they work. I also should mention he has the silver teeth as you can see in this photo here!

I am personally loving the Suicide Squad more and more and these set photos have clearly won me over. I am excited to see what's to come and what teases they have in store for us, maybe for comic con. I leave you with this final image of the perfect Harley and Joker we have gotten in the likes of the Arkham games and animated series!

If the above image doesn't scream animated series Joker I don't know what does! I love how he looks in that deep purple, and the green hair and of course the pale makeup make me have a fan boy attack!

I mean, look at that look! He's clearly insane and will stop at nothing to get what he wants! I cannot wait to see the scenes with the Joker and Batman going at it. This will definitely revolutionize the character in a good way!

That's a wrap for The Joker, and he looks exhausted. We have heard Jared is committing to this character 100% so I'm sure were all in for a treat!

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