ByOğuz Kaan Akel, writer at
scriptwriter/film maker
Oğuz Kaan Akel

My idea is that superheroes should not to be fun.This is not the enjoy job.They should because;they See it as a responsibility.Thats why the scenario and the chracters should be dark.For example;The Arrow.Oliver Queen doesnt be superhero for fun.He sees it as a responsibility.Or the The flash.Maybe some of you will See the flash as funny.But ı its not a teenage show.Same case of the cinema.The coolest superhero ever;Batman.He can not leave to helping people.Or superman.I know he has no weeknesBut the Iron Man or spider-man can.And marvel's chracters has no Choice.They did not have chance to be a superhero.Hulk has a gamma reaction,Thor a god,spider-man inscet bites.But dc's superheroes.Want to be superhero,want helping people.Batman,Arrow,Wonder woman,superman and it goes...So ı want a know your opinions.


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