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Oğuz Kaan Akel

I love cinema more then anything and anyone.But the quality of the tv series was almost equivalent to the cinema's.Especially Walking Dead,Breaking Bad and most realistic and best quality series ı watched so far True Dedective.This show different meaning for me.I have a scenario in my mind.I planed everythinh;Characters,plot,timingdialogs.I dont know what it was but something was missing.I watched th show like 4-5 times.And the missing peace found.And ı began to write and its pretty awesome.Thank you Nic Pizzolatto.Extraordinary writer Nic Pizzolatto,amazing director Cary Fukunaga and magnificent cast;Matthew McConaughey,Woddy Harrelson,Michelle Monaghan and Alexandra Daddario.

The second season of The True Dedective. 6/21 HBO


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