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Jordan Duvall

Now I know Phase 3 is just about to begin with the Upcoming Ant-Man set for release in July, but I was just curious on what Marvel's plan was after The Infinity War. Sure it's a long way off but I'm sure I'm not the only geek out there thinking about what's in store for us?!

I know I should wait like a good little true believer but something within me gets me psyched for the future of of the MCU!!

Since the announcement that Spider-Man himself has been given back to Marvel from Sony I've been so excited to see how they portray his character which also led me to believe that maybe in the distant future we will see 20th Century Fox hand the Xmen and Fantastic Four over to Marvel, which is very unlikely I must say due to the bitter rivalry between the two Studios, especially since Marvel cancelled the Fantastic Four comic presumably to spite 20th Century Fox, but you never know, maybe they come to an agreement and become BFF's in the next 5 years, enough time for Infinity War to pass.

How could I forget The Netflix shows Daredevil and the upcoming Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones AND The Defenders which I'm guessing will make an appearance in most likely Infinity War but what's stopping them continuing their Defendery ways after they kick Thanos' Ass?!

Think about how many Superheroes and villains have been created over the years by Marvel, half of which haven't even been used or mentioned before by the MCU. So you never know, After Infinity War, Marvel might announce a Captain Britain movie! Which if any Marvel executive are reading this...I'm british *wink wink*

The future of Marvel seems very bright and by very bright I mean like looking in the sun for so long you go blind! But I digress, the point is they're not gonna wanna stop making these incredible movies, especially with the fan base, the money they rake in and the enjoyment they bring to the whole world! (Not an exaggeration) plus the fact it's not like they're gonna run short on ideas! They've got tons and tons of story arcs they can use from the amount of Marvel Comics created. Marvel Studios wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for the comic books so I doubt they will run short of ideas, not for a long long time anyway since they're still creating the comic books!

What do you think the future of the MCU has in store for us? Comment below your theories and ideas.


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