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Although the story of Harry Potter expands over a series of seven books, so much of it was filled with exciting and shocking plot events, that sometimes magical explanation was not the focus of the books.

Which I, of course, didn't mind or really pay much attention to. I loved all the action, the romance, and even the extreme loss as a handful of my favorite characters died.

Some of these specific spells and their limitations have left us with some questions. And we only ask them because we want to make sure we perform splendidly on our O.W.L.s! We wouldn't want to disappoint Professor McGonagall, not even in the slightest.

1. Homenum Revelio

This is a spell used to verify whether another human isn't hiding anywhere inside a building, especially one like a dark wizard whose sole intention would be to do imminent harm.

This spell, however, doesn't seem to work at all with creatures and non-humans. And some of those want to do harm.

Wouldn't it be better to have a spell that consolidates the two and just checks for any living humans, creatures, maybe plants (Devil's Snare anyone?) that might be lurking with the intent of foul play? Could be useful.

2. Cistem Aperio vs. Alohamora

Cistem Aperio is uttered to open chests and boxes, but nothing else. Alohomora is a spell used to unlock. Maybe a spell that is meant to just open any closed object, whether locked or unlocked, could be easier to remember than a couple of different spells. That is just my suggestion.

3. Oppugno

So does this spell only include a swarm of birds? Could we replace those birds with mosquitos? A herd of buffalo? Or even a cloud of knives? I am incredibly curious.

4. Piertotum Locomotor

This is a spell used to make statues come to life. Could you technically turn a dead body into a statue and then bring it back to life? This is most probably a long shot, but it might have been a way Harry could have had his parents around.

5. Ascendio, levicorpus, alarte ascendare, and wingardium leviosa?

In general, all of these spells have the purpose of lifting, whether it be a person specifically by the ankles, an object, or to raise them into the air. I feel we could, again, combine all of them and just do one major lifting charm, for both humans and objects.

How Are Charms Created In General?

We know that Harry has accidentally caused magic a few times in moments of despair and panic, including before Harry even knew he was a wizard.

For example Harry would regrow his hair when the Dursleys gave him hideous haircuts, he once blew up Aunt Marge when she was being particularly nasty, and when Dudley used to bully him as a kid, Harry would find himself suddenly on the roof of a building to help avoid him.

Magic can happen without using any words at all. How does one channel what occurs on accident to make it an official spell? If that's a job in the Ministry of Magic, I would incredibly interested in applying.

Just as J.K. Rowling released books like Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them, Quidditch Through The Ages, and The Tales of Beedle the Bard, perhaps she will grace us with a book of spells and some explanations.

I know I'm not the only one interested in more Harry Potter books digging deeper into the world of wizards and witches. Perhaps I can be as clever as Hermione one day.

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