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Dakotah Barrows

Does DC have to many charaters to quickly???

Usaully to launch a successful movie franchise you would start with the basics and move your way up. DC seems to be doing many, many things differently instead of take the usaul path of building up their characters and then bringing them together such as Marvel did. DC will be having basically their entire Justice League in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). They may just be there as a cameo appearance, but DC has stated that Wonder Woman will play a role in the film. My fear is that DC is pushing their characters to quickly instead of slowly building towards Justice League will be getting it very soon. While we can all understand that they want to try and get a bunch of films rolling to compete with Marvel.

Marvel did the right thing by giving us films with individual characters to develop them further before combining them all into one big film (The Avengers). But it would appear that DC will be giving us a few massive films before spinning them out to give us individual character development films.

I should make make it clear that even though DC has released their slate and we can clearly see that this is their current plan that anything can change. While I do strongly believe that they won't change their plan unless a film falls flat. I still remain to have faith until proven otherwise. So while I don't currently agree with their plan, I will wait and see where they go with it and keep my hope together.

The next film on their slate is Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice; and the superhero's or villains confirmed as appearing are: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, Lex Luther and Cyborg.

(Characters rumored) Joker, Robin, Green Lantern and Doomsday... I'm sure there quite a few more. But I picked these because Doomsday was hinted at in a really big easter egg in Man of Steel (blueray edition).

The Joker was seen on set no idea why. Green Lantern keeps being teased by many actors. Robin is strongly believed to already been dead for a few years before the events of the film so it is also strongly believed that they will show a flash back showing his death.

I fear DC is moving to quickly with their introductions of their characters, for example when Suicide Squad is released hard core fans may know what's going on but in one film do they have time to introduce and explain every character that will be making an appearance. Obviously we don't need an explanation for charaters we all know and love.

So what do you think, please let us know in the comments below


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