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Ok before we get started I just want to say I recently saw Mad Max: Fury Road, and I loved it! Don't get me wrong the classics were good for its time...but this was just beautiful it was all action and with minimal CGI! That just makes it even better (you have to respect that because now everything is CGI). So here is a list of 5 post apocalyptic films that were just so painful to watch, they will make you thankful for a film like Mad Max: Fury Road.

1. Land of Doom

If you enjoy bad movies, than this one isn't so bad, its actually really funny. The main antagonist of the film looks like if Randy Savage and David Bowie had a child. This is just a really bad film..some even called it Mad Max 4.

2. A Boy and His Dog

God this movie is just bad, you just have to see for yourself. It can be painful to watch for some. The dog is psychic and more intelligent than the main character who is by the way a complete idiot. if you were wondering. You can watch the entire movie on youtube for free if you dare.

3. Cherry 2000

This guy has a advanced sex robot, but it can't handle bubbles and he goes on a journey through a post apocalyptic world just to get a battery for his sex robot with the company of a "bad-ass" female mercenary.

4. Surf Nazis Must Die!

Yes this is a actual movie. The title says it all.

5. Oblivion

Lets just say you find out that the bad guy in this movie is the Andriod cell phone loading screen.

I hope after you watch all these, you will see how great Mad Max: Fury Road is. I look forward to you all in the comments!!!

Just watch the trailer of Mad Max: Road Fury.... compared to all these.


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