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Im a fan of both Marevl and DC not a hating fanboy

Well hello everyone my name is Steven Sanchez and this is my very first post. Since today is a big day for the Suicide Squad movie with a couple set photos that were released. So i want to talk to you about the photos of the Clown Prince. So many people are very upset about him still having tattoos and honestly im not at all. The Joker has been around for 75 year and there has been many interpretations of him and each of them were different. I understand that many people are nervous because Ledgers performance was mind blowing. But thats just it Leto is not Ledger their two different people that will portray the the Joker differently and thats ok. Ledgers Joker was so far away from the comics and the animated series you could say they were planets apart. But he still was amazing may he rest in peace. We have to stop comparing and start accepting it and thats the big problem here, its not the fact that he has tattoos or hes not dressed sharp enough or he looks like a thug. Its the fact that people cant accept change. Ayers is giving us a twist on this iconic character and thats fine. In my opinion this Joker looks so bad ass and i cant wait till this movie comes out. So to eveyone just wait till you see the movie and after that you can talk all you want. But i guarantee that most of you will have your fist in mouth.


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