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Hey guys this is actually my first post so I'm sorry if you find it lacking, I will catch up in no time!

anyways what I wanted to write about is an anime in which people fight in the ring (I know Tekken, Street-Fighter, or whatever pops up in your mind, but let me assure you this idea is different) this is more like Rock Lee style fighting,

and Dragonball too except the characters aren't that fast and they're just normal human beings who punch each other to death.

Now what I wanna see in this anime or whatever is Martial Arts Fighting.

In which people can actually Level up, when they get pissed or when they feel like they need to level up

Level Up

This is much like turning into a super saiyan. The characters could level up to increase their speed and strength but not all characters can do that only the strong can. The stronger the will power, the higher the level.

Level 1 or Akhatna

In this level there's not much of a difference in appearance but the character becomes faster and stronger.

Level 2 or Anihna

in this level the character becomes much stronger and faster than before quickly and easily defeating opponents who doesn't level up

Level 3 or Athumna

this is a level which only a few characters attained or can attain. The power is Great!

while in this state the character has incredible speed. So fast that the character travels in the blink of an eye.

with a strength so great a single one handed punch could break walls

The levels ain't over yet at 3 , there's still more to come so far there's only upto level 3 ...

Characters (that I've made so far)

1. Dan

He is The main character.

he is 6'1 tall , short tempered, crazy (when pissed off too much) , strong headed (strong willed, which gives him the potential to attain Level 3) he likes wearing jackets

he is 20 years old

his favourite colour is Red.

As an Orphan, he and his older brother Gando were kept in an orphanage, with the death of their parents remaining a mystery.

One day, the two brothers were roaming around, the older brother knew how to fight and was very strong

Dan was still in training and was not that strong so he used his speed in advantage. They used to fight with the street gangs in that neighbourhood and no one could defeat the older brother, especially when teamed up with younger brother. Until one day a man in a suit with blonde hair suddenly steps out from a car and tries to buy the orphanage by force thinking of turning it into a hotel.

The two brothers rush to the person and start fighting him. After 10 seconds, he suddenly uses a flying 540 kick at Dan's face leaving Dan to be Knocked out. Dan falls down hard on the ground with bleeding nose and blurry vision , before he blacks out he sees his brother turning level 2 and fighting the man, but the man could still handle Gando and after a while of furious combat, he uses the Flying Knee but it is dodged by the man and he slams Gando down in a Big reversal, apparently breaking Gando's back. As Gando moans in agony,the man laughs at him and his brother. The Man goes on to say

"You young man, you have great potential and you even surprised me, I'm impressed, for an amateur you're fighting pretty well, you could make a great body guard! Please come join me. I can and I will fix your back. You're a good fighting while on the other hand, you're brother, is it?...yeah he still needs practice so I won't take him but you! I could use! Haha!"

But Gando Spits at him and says,

I will never work for the likes of you! Go to Hell!!

then the man, wiping his face with disappointment lift his leg up attempting to do a shaolin feet slam, as a finisher and says,

What a waste of a good soldier, you can fight but apparently you're as dumb as fuck

and then Dan gets knocked out and wakes up not knowing what happened next, he couldn't even find his brothers body, or traces of the Man. He asks everyone if they had seen his brother and could not find him. Eventually he accepts that his brother is dead, and plots a revenge upon the Man with Suit. With heavy guilt of being so weak, he starts training vigorously, in all sorts and forms of fighting.

5 years passed,

he has attained level 2 and is close to level 3

and he enters a tournament of fighting which, is hosted by the man in suit, looking abit older but still the same.

with the dream of taking his revenge he steps in the tournament.

Okay guys! Thanks for reading! I'm sorry if you don't like my post it's my first so I still suck,
I haven't completed the story yet, I will continue writing the story so guys please don't be harsh on me, you could give me ideas in the comment section and then if I find it reasonable I'll take that idea...hell...even take the whole idea Once again thanks for watching :-) I hope you enjoyed it, this is not the end I'm still writing and thinking about next, this post isn't complete yet I just got tired that's all I'll introduce a lot of characters and I hope this idea becomes famous and gets taken seriously "

thank you for taking your time


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