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I'm the Creator of The Gray Guardian, author of The Human Factor, The Grinning Man , and the children's book, If I Had Super Powers
Anthony DiChiara

If you're a serious film fan you know that super hero movies are big now. Of course since Warner Bros and Disney own the two big comic book companies (DC and Marvel), they have a wealth of comic book characters to choose from and thrust upon us on the silver screen and the small screen.

Now if I were a savvy producer or studio (other than WB or Disney), I'd want to get my hands on a super hero franchise pronto, and get a piece of the merchandising and licensing that comes with it.

Well for those intrepid filmmakers I give you The Gray Guardian. Yes this is my shameless way to get the word out about a character that I truly believe in and love. Yes, I am the creator of The Gray Guardian, but even if I weren't, I would still hold the belief that this character and his story is a great story and a character that can take off and be a successful franchise.

Why am I so sure. Beside the fact that I've worked in advertising and marketing for over 20 years and have worked on developing successful brands, I'm also a huge fanboy geek, that would fit in with Sheldon and the gang from The Big Bang Theory.

I came up with the idea for the character one night while watching a Clint Eastwood marathon on TV. In-between the films, the host of the marathon kept pointing out how Clint was such an iconic film hero, and of course he is. But then I got to thinking how it would be cool for him to take that iconic hero status just a step further and play a super hero. The premise hit me in a flash— Gran Torino meets Batman Begins. That was it! That was the twist. I'd introduce the world's first senior citizen super hero... or rather that's his alter ego. The real hero would be his younger self, when he was at full power. When he used his powers he would revert back to his elder self, only to get younger when he recharged himself. Brilliant, if I do say so myself.

So I started writing an outline, and then a treatment, and then a full screenplay. Then I realized that I had zero chance of selling this to anyone in Hollywood, or getting anyone to look at it as a spec script (without an agent you're dead in the water in Hollywood). That's when I made some minor changes and pitched it as a comic book... More specifically a graphic novel. Luckily I found a publisher who loved the character and the story— Hence, The Gray Guardian Graphic Novel was born.

Now I know that it's rare to get your first choice when casting a film. But if I were to get my first choice to play The Gray Guardian, it'd be Clint Eastwood. After all he was the inspiration. The natural choice to play the younger version of GG would be his actor son, Scott Eastwood. Are there other actors that could play the character. Of course. I can see Bruce Willis, Liam Neeson, or Harrison Ford in the role and still be happy.

Getting the word out and getting the right people interested is just as important. Creating a strong following will send a strong message— strong enough that a savvy producer couldn't ignore. Add a a good script, a good director and a good cast, to the mix and the Gray Guardian has more than a good chance to be a hit.

Join other Gray Guardian fans on the character's Facebook page ( and let's help build the movement to get GG on the silver screen.


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