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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Star Lord instantly became a fan favorite after the release of Guardians of The Galaxy. Chris Pratt was a big part in the characters success and fans have been left wanting more. With Guardians of the Galaxy 2 set to be released May of 2017, Chris Pratt hinted that he may be involved in something more than just Guardians of The Galaxy, could he be in The Avengers 3: Infinity War?

"I'm tied to doing three more, or five more, Guardians of the Galaxy or whatever it is, you know, two more Guardians plus another couple...," Pratt told GQ. They go on to speculate that it "means he is committed to at least two sequels, as well as spin-off projects where his character will appear with other Marvel characters."

Could this mean we could see Star Lord in other MCU films? Possibly, Infinity War is going to be the epic climax for all of the MCU, changing the universe forever. So it isn't that much of a stretch to think we may see the Guardians team on Earth to battle Thanos. Thanos originally appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy as the unknown antagonist so Thanos is linked to the Guardians more than the rest of the MCU so since he will be coming to Earth, Star Lord and the rest of the team may be coming as well.

Chris Pratt possibly coming to Avengers 3 opens up a lot of story opportunities. Is this maybe how Thanos is introduced into the rest of the MCU on Earth? It definitely is a possibility. Chris Pratt is really excited for the upcoming opportunities that the MCU has in store. It would be great to see Star Lord and the rest of Guardians on Earth interacting with The Avengers. The Infinity Wars are set to be some of the most epic events in cinematic history, and I think it would be great to see one of Marvels best characters involved. Until then, we must wait and see what Civil War has in store for us and how it sets up the even more intense INFINITY WAR!

Do you want to see Chris Pratt in Avengers 3: Infinity War?

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