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David S. Givens

So, is it just me or am I only one feels there needs to be another Avatar series? Last Airbender was groundbreaking and Korra was critically acclaimed but what about continuing the story and universe ONE LAST TIME. I know creator and staff said No more Avatar but I have my ideas on a Third Series and It could be slightly darker than Korra was.


The story is set in a present day world, where the art of bending is non-existent. The legend of the Avatar has been forgotten and a new world of technology and science has taken its place. The hero of the story would be a street smart teenager who discovers the last Lion Turtle dying underground. The Lion Turtle bestows the hero the power of earth and proclaim him the new Avatar. His mission is to protect the last of the bending masters-The Animals (Bison, Fish, Dragon, Badger) from being harmed. Along the way, he discovers that a major corporation and its CEO wants the Animals to create an army of benders and to bring war to Neo-Republic City.


The themes of the season would be respecting the past and facing the future. It is relevant for today's society. As we are moving forward and advancing, we tend to forget the things of the past that bought us to the platform we have. When we disregard our past for personal gain, history tends to repeat itself. The other theme is the protection of nature and if written well, it would be preachy. Government and Big company Dependency is a big topic for older views are seeing the state of the world now.

Why the future?

The Future is always the last stop of series. If you done everything else, Why not do a fast forward and see the future of the show's timeline. If Avatar did a present-day season, it would not only expand on the UNIVERSE and bring closure to it. Everything comes full circle much like the Avatar cycle.


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