BySteven Sanchez, writer at
Im a fan of both Marevl and DC not a hating fanboy

So im very new here and first im going say is thank you for everyone that read my post earlier. Im here to talk about my opinions on upcoming DC and Marvel movie. Im not gonna give you guys false info or talk about nonsense im here for you guys to here me out and to read and respond to your reactions. So here we go as of now there has been alot of "leaked" photos from movies that have high expectations like Civil War and Suicide Squad. These on set photos are really lowering our expectations of these movie. Cant we go back to the days where there was two or three trailers before a movie came out and thats all we saw and it keep us as fan on the edge of our seats bitting our nails begging for more. As of right now there is a pretty big split in how people are feeling. In all honestly i think that people need to stop leaking these pictures and just let everyone wait and anticipate these blockbusters films. There is so much negative feedback on how the Joker looks based on a few photos that got onto the internet and to much info being leaked about Civil War. I just feel all these leaked photos and spoilers are making real hard for true fans to anticipate these movies. So let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Thanks for your time guys.


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