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Hello fellow TV buffs! At least, I would hope you are, because I wrote this article for those who love television so much, that they can't sit down for a single episode of a program without critiquing every single aspect of the plot to the fullest; the story, the characters, all of it!

You may have looked at the title of this article, and the title image and thought "Oh ok, this is about music videos, not really television", but you'd be wrong! This article is more about television (and its many lovable cliches) more than anything else!

See, I love awards season; I love the coverage, the stars, and of course, the awards. Awards like 'Best Actor/Actress' or 'Best Original Score', because they take the best films, and the best things about them and display them to the world! But the best thing about awards shows, the thing I love the most, is any award dealing with cinematics.

And no, I don't mean the act of making the film/show, I mean the things that make the film/show what it is. Photography, costumes, camera angles; but most of all, the story. Films/TV shows are like books, they need a good story. If you don't think a story is great, you're going to put it down. It's the main reason some shows get cancelled, viewers got tired of the story, so they move on to a different one. And with a library so large, it's very easy to toss one story and pluck another one off the shelves.

So what makes a good story? Well, it's different for everyone, and every story. But the main elements are the characters, the settings, and the pacing. That's what does it for me at least. So why am I talking about stories when I'm clearly writing an article about music videos?

Well, a while ago, it was believed that only films and television programs could make a good story. That they were the only media that could have a constructive and interesting script. But recently, video games like The Last of Us have proven that games too can feature an actual plot, rather than just fun modes (I'm still petitioning that game to win an Oscar).

Well now, in this very article, I'm hear to speak for another certain kind of media that's always been given the short stick when it comes to story attention; music videos! Music videos usually do one of two things: They either match what the lyrics are saying, or don't, and confuse the viewer as they try and figure out what the heck this even has to do with the song in general.

But regardless of which way they go, there are some pretty cool MV's out there that I think should get their own awards nomination. And no, not from MTV or Billboard. I mean the Critics' Choice Television Awards! I present to you, a brand new award to present at the CCTA!

With this award, I'll be looking at some truly cool and cinematic music videos, explaining how they could be a TV show, and handing the award to the one I think tops the other! I won't just be looking at music videos that look cool though, I looked at what genres and tropes make TV shows these days successful, and chose videos that I think could produce some winning series!

Let's get things rolling shall we?!

The Nominees For 'Music Video Most Deserving Of A TV Show'...

Bad Blood—Taylor Swift

'Bad Blood' is a recent (as early as this very week) music video by everyone's favorite heartbreak song queen, Taylor Swift. Though I'm not that big a fan of "Taytay", I've gotta say, this video is the best!

Featuring some pretty famous stars; Zendaya Coleman, Hailee Steinfield, Hayley Williams, and Cara Delevingne to name a few, 'Bad Blood' has an amazing story that I think would be a pretty epic show. The video starts with a spy named Catastrophe (Taylor Swift) and her fellow spy Arsyn (Selena Gomez) fighting a group of men in London for a suitcase. Because spy story cliches, Arsyn betrays Catastrophe, kicking her out of a window and stealing the briefcase for herself.

Catastrophe is then shown being nursed back to health by Welvin da Great (Kendrick Lamar) and Lucky Fiori (Lena Dunham). After she recovers, she's trained by other agents, like The Trinity (Hailee Steinfield) and Frostbyte (Lily Aldridge). The video ends with her and the other agents facing off against Arsyn and her army of evil, with a background of explosions that'd make the Power Rangers blush!


Just imagine a spy series with the premise of this epic video! The show would be like the video, following the story of Catastrophe as she's betrayed by her fellow spy. But with a series, we could get episodes detailing the cool history behind some of the other characters! I'd love to see flashbacks of Catastrophe and Arsyn's time as partners, and maybe get some more insight as to why she betrayed her in the first place.

It could even take us to cool locations, after all, as a spy you're always traveling to cool and exotic areas. Or London, which isn't so much exotic as it is fancy. All in all, the show would have elements of The Blacklist, Sin City, Kill Bill, and Tron. With it's impressive ensemble cast adding in just a pinch of Sucker Punch. But you know...better than that. I would't even care if they kept the original cast. In fact, I'd encourage it! Who wouldn't want to see Cara Delevingne carry around a chain? Or Lena Dunham as a badass, cigar smoking spy chief?

What A Catch, Donnie—Fall Out Boy

One of my favorite Fall Out Boy songs, 'What A Catch, Donnie features Patrick Stump (the band's lead vocalist) as a sailor/pianist, sailing along the sea in his tiny sailboat.

This video, I could see as maybe an HBO 5-part miniseries, because there's not a lot going for it to merit a weekly show. But miniseries' are still television programs, and here's how I think this one would go.

It'd start with Patrick, a down-on-his-luck man who just wants to escape from the real world. To do so, he decides to buy a little sailboat, and fulfill his childhood dreams of going out to sea and documenting his adventures in his notebook.

He goes out to the open sea, with nothing but himself, his notebook, some clothes and a fishing rod, to catch his food with of course. But while it's everything he's hoped for, he starts to get lonely. He finds friendship in that of a seagull who gets caught in his rope, damaging its wing.

The two friends sail across the sea together, documenting everything they see!

But the series wouldn't just feature that story line. Sure it's adorable, but it's also kind of boring on it's own. The show would also feature a group of survivors from a shipwreck. At the beginning of the show, these people were all on the same cruise, when the ship crashed into something and began to sink. Only a few of them made it out alive, now they're floating on life rafts with almost no chance of survival.

As the miniseries progresses, and the survivors have given up all hope, Patrick finds them, and rescues them from a sure watery death! It'd be a great little drama/suspense series, with Patrick documenting his strange findings, and the survivors searching desperately for help, and maybe even turning on each other at some point, as most survivors in shows or films tend to do.

Plus it'd have that lovable artsy feel to it. And I love that feel.

Animals—Maroon 5

Everybody loves a stalker. Not in real life of course, but in TV, they're just fun and chilling to watch. These types of shows are huge thrill rides! You find yourself becoming captivated with the series, excited to see what the stalker character is going to do next, and how the stalker victim is going to get away from them.

Maroon 5's 'Animals' is that in a 4:40 nutshell. It stars Adam Levine as a butcher who falls in love with an attractive customer. He starts following her everywhere she goes; typical stalker behavior.

I think a show based on this video, with its cliche but entertaining premise would be interesting. What would be even cooler is introducing Adam's character as a good guy. He could start the show as just an attractive young man, looking for love and admittedly finding a bit too much pleasure in his job. Then, as the series progresses, we start to realize this isn't a charming and funny individual, but an absolute psycho.


He would fall in love with the girl (I'd like to see Emily Bett Rickards in the role), and begin to follow her around town. He starts having sick fantasies about her, and they only fuel his terrifying love for her! Now that'd be a chilling series, one that would have you on the edge of your seat every episode!

[Warning! The video is a listen, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. Seriously, don't say I didn't warn you, because I did! A lot!]

[If you want to hear the song, but don't want to see the video (I warned you!), here's this.]

Afterlife—Arcade Fire

I'm a sucker for family drama shows. A perfect example of a dramatic series that has dominated my television and pulled on my usually stone heart (I. AM. A. ROCK.) is ABC Family's The Fosters.

Though it's not the best thing on television, and the genre isn't my absolute favorite, this show has certainly left its mark on my TV viewing life. 'Afterlife' by Arcade Fire has done the same. In just over 7 minutes, this emotional music video perfectly displays the void left by loved ones after they die.

Revolving around a widowed father and his two kids, one a young boy who still doesn't quite understand the seriousness and finality of death, and the other a troubled teen who understands it well, but decides to cope by getting drunk at parties, 'Afterlife' is already the premise of a lot of family drama TV series on air right now.

Arcade Fire did an astounding job telling the story of this family, and the impact that the mother's death left on them, but I'd love to see it more fleshed out. What would be great is to have the mother in the pilot episode, and maybe in the episode after that.

That way, the viewer has a chance to really connect with this character before they exit (though the mother still appears in flashbacks during the video, so I'd love it if the show did that too).

Once the tragic scene does come around, we'd find ourselves not only feeling for the family, but getting a better sense of their pain and troubles. Classic TV cliches like the older brother getting into trouble, much to the father's chagrin, would bring even more drama into the show.

She knows what I'm talkin about.
She knows what I'm talkin about.

Telegraph Avenue—Childish Gambino

Donald Glover is talented at a lot of things. Acting, singing, paintball; who knew he was just as good at plot twists?

'Telegraph Avenue' starts off normal, just another love story music video about a young couple in a tropical location. But near the end of the video, things get weird. Like, 80's monster movie weird.

I could totally imagine this video as a full-fledged, suspense filled TV show! It'd start off with the lovely young couple deciding to rekindle their love by going on a tropical vacation.

But then things go awry when the guy, after taking a swim, begins to feel strange. He starts having visions, and getting easily light-headed. This continues, and he tries to keep it a secret from his girlfriend and the locals; until one night, he transforms into a hideous monster and attacks the town!

Because convenience (and cliche) he wakes up in his bed, with no recollection of the previous night. He suddenly finds himself being stalked by these 'Men in Black' type characters.


So now he has to avoid them and keep his horrific mutation under wraps. It'd be a thrill ride at every turn!


Those were all of the nominees! Hope you liked them, but now it's time to mercilessly exterminate all but one!

So who wins the award for 'Music Video Most Deserving Of A TV Series'?






The Winner Is...

What A Catch, Donnie!

It took a lot of thought, but I've got to give it to 'What A Catch, Donnie', because I love artsy stuff, and drama; and this music video looks like it could produce a television show that has the best of both worlds! Like I said before, I could definitely see this as a short HBO miniseries of sorts.

And since this hypothetical TV show one this fictional award, I thought I'd give an actual person in the video, who would star in the hypothetical TV show (the one that won the fictional award), an actual award.

So congrats Patrick Stump! For your memorable acting and outstanding musical number, you've won the award for 'Best Actor In A Movie Or Mini-Series'!

Put it upon your shelf of trophies, knick-knacks and doodads!


Bad Blood

Because as I said before, who wouldn't want to watch this epic adventure of explosions, spies and more explosions?! I could see a show like this feeling right at home on AMC, Showtime or Fox! And I would totally be tuning in every week to see what danger the 'BB Crew' has to face this time!

Also, runner-up, you too get an actual award for one of your actual actors.

Congrats Hailee Steinfeld, your role as Trinity, the trio of android clones who are just trying to find their purpose in life, and their true origins has gotten you the award for 'Best Actress In A Drama Series'!


Well that's it! I hope you agree with my nominee choices and my winner, but if you don't, tell me who you think should have won in the comments section below. It doesn't have to be any of the music videos I listed, I'd love to see what music videos all of you deem worthy of a television series!

Thanks For Reading!

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