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About, a month ago we got our first image of the Joker and well.. Shit hit the fan! Twitter hasn't seen that much fanboy outrage since Bat-fleck! Seriously almost everybody had something to say about it, and then we all read that it was a "Troll" or just a nod to the Joker on his 75th birthday. Well unfortunately that's wrong (we were wrong! we were so wrong!) it has been confirmed today that Jared Leto will indeed have those tattoos after all.

The, source on this is "justjared" who posted a slue of photos on the set of Suicide Squad, you can see the whole gallery where his tattoos are visible in most of them. So yes that damaged tattoos is on his forehead, along with a "J" tattooed underneath his left eye (pour one out for left eye!) and a jester on his shoulder. Now being someone with tattoos myself i'm not against the Joker having a sleeve or two, it's just does he really have to have damaged across his [email protected]#@$%^ head? Suicide Squad still has a whole bunch going for it, Deadshot looks amazing, along with Killer Croc, and Harley.. Oh Harley! I'm still amped for David Ayers film, I mean did you guys see that "HAHAHA" license plate!

Right, now Suicide Squad is filming in Toronto, and will be released in August 2016, until then all we really can do is complain about the Joker's damaged background. I mean seriously.. this is the guy who killed Robin? Sigh..


What do you think of the damaged Joker?


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