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Rumor has it that a character from the Walking Dead could be female instead of male. The character's name is Negan. I personally never read the comics but this rumor was online. The Walking Dead is the number 1 cable series in history on AMC, it has had it's share of deaths in its 5 seasons. Even though we fans get saddened just about every week we still watch. Negan is a key role in the comics because he kills Glenn with a baseball bat named Lucille.

When season 6 comes on I can definitely see Negan make an appearance throughout the show. I can predict that Glenn may die in the mid season finale; it would most definitely be a big surprise. Season 5 ended with a huge cliffhanger to where Morgan ended up back in the Alexandria Safe Zone (which is another key location in the comic series), so I predict that Negan may show up with the Wolves.

Negan kills Glenn in The Walking Dead
Negan kills Glenn in The Walking Dead

The Wolves are another key factor to the comics. These people are ruthless killers, which fits with Negan. The way I see The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere will start is that Rick and the group will be so surprised to see Morgan that they'll welcome him to the group. It also makes you wonder if Deanna (the leader of Alexandria) will take him in, because of Father Gabriel ' s alleged betrayal, he told Deanna that Rick and the gang were bad people. As a diehard fan I totally don't believe this. This group has been through so much tragedy; and you're telling me that that is a good move??? I don't think so.

Going back the Wolves, there's a very iconic scene in the comics where a person is at the gates peering in and sees the group. The person says, "Little pig, little pig let me in before I blow the house down". I hate to admit this but I really don't know the quote, but I know it's something like that. Anyway, this scene could most definitely be a key factor towards Negan making an appearance. We won't know anything about the whole Negan situation until October this year but I predict this season will be as brutal as season 5. Now if you haven't seen season 5 yet the DVD and Blu-ray combo pack drops in stores August 25TH I know I can't wait to catch up. I hope you guys have enjoyed this bit of information on my first article make sure to check back often for the latest news and information about your favorite movies and TV shows. This is the TV Guru signing off.

Will Negan be FEMALE OR MALE????????

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