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Welcome back if you're a reader from last week, and if you're new? Just welcome. The way I do my thing is in last weeks review, so lets begin


Triple H parades the Authority out to the ring to celebrate Trip- I mean Seth Rollins big win over three other wrestlers at last Sundays PPV. Well, I should say he paraded the Authority out to the ring to announce that they will be celebrating at the end of the show in Lieu of a main event. One wonders why they don't just celebrate now since they are all there anyway, but Raw usually starts off with a promo segment, so whatever. Anyway Dean Ambrose interupts and gets himself booked in a match with Bray Wyatt. Strangely, Randy Orton is nowhere to be found. They probably had him stay home to sell the finishing move Seth put on him.


King Barret vs. Adrienne Neville:

A great, entertaining match in what is becoming THE must watch feud of the year. Both competitors ended up looking strong, and a worked leg injury softened the blow of a loss for Neville. Inserting Dallas into the feud I think will keep this interesting. Dallas got a bum rap with his first Mid-Card run and deserves a second chance.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt:

The Rotunda boys had a good night tonight, Bo gets to be on TV again and Bray Wyatt gets his second straight win in two nights (though he had help in the form of Seth Rollins personal bodygaurds. I thought this was going to be a reignition of their pre- Royal Rumble feud, but it seems Dean is moving on up. It was a nice callback though.

A nice little easter egg that informs Dean's character: his symbol is his initials with the A inside the D making a modified anarchy icon, which is perfect for the "Lunatic Fringe". It shows that creative and the performer put real effort into the character.

John Cena US Title Open Challenge:

No match tonight, but a dynamite debut for NXT Champion Kevin Owens, who stood toe to toe with John Cena and held his own on the mic. He then Laid Cena out and ended the segment on top. Later in the show Kevin revealed that Triple H had granted him a match with Cena at Elimination Chamber, giving everyone who has the network a reason to watch.

Russev Segment:

niRussev gave the usual heel promo about how he never lost, blaming his valet the lovley Lana for giving up for him. She then comes down to the ring to try to apologize and the next five minuets are about as comfortable as when you're trapped in a booth in a restaurant as the couple dining with you are having a fight thats going to lead to a breakup, but the fight is one sided and you lose respect for the guy for being such a dick. It was that level uncomfortable. i believe that this turns Lana face, because you kinda can't root against her after that.

Lana is more suited to being a face anyway, there is just something about her that is naturaly likable even when she was in full on heel mode.

Dolph Ziggler vs Mr. Sinister.... I mean Stardust:

Poor Cody Rhodes got the jobbers entrance today, it was a three minuet match if that.


Nikki Bella vs Cameron:

Nikki can't wrestle, Cameron works stiff and I'm afraid she might legit hurt someone. However Paige returned from "injury" (actually filming a Christmas movie) to contend for the title again.

Tag Team

Brass Ring Club vs, New Day for the Tag Team Titles:

Basically a quick match to set up the first ever Tag Title Elimination Chamber, which has the potential to be amazing or a total cluster^@#$. With the plethora of talent they have, I'm going to guess amazing.

Ending Segment

Dean Ambrose interrupts the celebration and basically brawls his way into a title match at next months pay per view. Which is great, because the main event is where great performers are meant to be. They also had a sweet promo video for Seth.

Final thoughts:

It was an okay episode today, but I took points off for having too many matches with DQ's or Interruptions as finishes. It was still a fun episode (except for the Russev thing) and it shows an upward trend for the month of may. Thanks for reading.


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