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"What a Day!!!! What a LOVELY DAY!!!!!" Yes definitely its a lovely day when a 70years old can direct a insanely crazy movie as this. Gorge Miller is a genius and does what he does best with bigger budget and in own way. Some directors are getting crazier as they are older Ridley Scott with Prometheus(So many questions left to be answered byAudiance), Martin Scorsese with Wolf of Wall Street(Crazy as hell movie).

Mad Max: Fury Road is 4th in the Mad Max movies directed by George Miller and last one came out over 30 years ago. But this one is like nothing we have seen before, practical effects at its best. Wide shot angles of actions makes it look beautiful and no shaky camera at all. And the vehicles are designed practically, in the movie each clan has their own way of armouring the vehicles based on their strengths and terrain they live in. The MAD MAX world is so wide and there is so much to explore things out here we could be getting more Mad Max movies in the future which is a good thing.

The most interesting Character of the movie and great performance by Nicholous Hoult.
The most interesting Character of the movie and great performance by Nicholous Hoult.

Mad Max starts Tom Hardy as Max, Charlize Theron as Furiosa and Nicholous Hoult as War Boy Nux. These three characters stand out in the movie and entire movie revolves completely around them, Most of the time its Furiosa who you feel is the lead of movie than the Mad Max himself, Chalize Theron kills it in her role and my personal favourite was Nicholous Hoult which had depth to the character and how they have been brought up with all false beliefs. The War Boys take pride in following one person almost as God and ready to sacrifice for him as with Terrorists in the real world. They take pride while dying and wants others to witness them going for glory which they do it by stating "Witness Me". The movie is non stop action from start to the end, but the action sequences are never tiring as in Hobbit or Transformers. Some action sequences are so lovely to watch it feels better than Avengers as you can see real people flying around, vehicles exploding and you can say those are real and awesome.

Movie is more of Furiosa: Mad Max than a Mad Max movie and Chalize Theron kills it in her role.
Movie is more of Furiosa: Mad Max than a Mad Max movie and Chalize Theron kills it in her role.

The plot is simple bunch a people get together unintentionally due to the circumstances and now they have to get from point A to B with loads of obstacles between. The narration is good such that you learn about world and characters gradually as movie progresses and with loads of action there is sufficient time for character development as well. Also world created by George Miller is such a interesting one and has loads of things to explore and to be answered which cannot be done one single movie but could be done with a good franchise. The movie may not appeal to all. Definitely not to soccer mom's he hardcore bad ass movie and crazy as hell. If you are not the one who likes to see insane crazy thing on screen then this is not for you, its suggested to check out older Mad Max movie so when you go to this one you exactly know what to expect and be completely blown away by it as i was.

The movie is so unique and different in its own way and for some time now the Hollywood was missing this kind movie making with over the top CGI being used, first half of the movie had me completely blown away by the world created and slowly we get to learn how things work in this world and all people are just trying survive. An out and out entertainment with non stop mind blowing action sequences and interesting characters involved that's makes it a complete package.

"I would rate this movie as All you ever wanted an out and out action movie to be"

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