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Hey Guys, Ty here. This my a blog about film, a little bit of music, genre, narrative theory, and a bunch of other nerdy shit that is straight up meaningless. I'm using this as a platform to shelve out some ideas I've had about favorite films, movies I see, and movies I'm excited for. I'll be writing a lot of obscure lists, a lot of classic film reviews, cult film nominations, acting reviews, writing reviews, fan and personal theories and just all kinds of other nerdy shit. I outline this in my ridiculous Bio, but I got a little bit carried away in that one with the whole Aids bit...SO I just wanted to take this first post as a formal welcome to a series of blog entries on interesting things about film from a guy who has seen a lot of movies, and read and wrote a lot of literary criticism on an academic level. I want this to be as interactive as possible so please feel free to challenge my opinion, talk as much shit as you want, and prove any of my points wrong. I'm a complete film snob and music douchebag and I'm the first to admit humility is good for me. I welcome it! And I welcome you. Pleasant reading! - Ty


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