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We already know [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) will be a pretty huge deal for the MCU. The fact is the movie is pretty much filled with the whole roster as well as a lot of new comers. If there's heroes in anything there's bound to be villains and this movie has them as well. The most notable one being Crossbones played by Frank Grillo who reprises his role from Winter Soldier.

This guy totally means business now and I'm pretty scared for Captain and you would be as well if you know the history in the comics with these two. I have been anticipating seeing these two go at it ever since i heard Crossbones was going to be in Civil War and i might have gotten just that about a year early. There have been pictures that surfaced that give us a fight in what seems to me as being Wakanda take a look for yourself.

We clearly see Crossbones just pop out that armored vehicle and I'm sure hes happy to see Captain. The last time we left Brumlow he was being taken to a hospital for those severe burns he suffered in Winter Soldier. I'm sure hes out for revenge and most importantly take out Steve! The next pictures show us exactly what we all want and that's a fight between the two!

There we have it Crossbones getting ready for the hit and hes winding it up and Rogers look defenseless!

The moment of impact is upon Rogers and it seems like there's no way out of it but how strong will it be?

We finally reach impact and it looks like it definitely hurts but will it be enough to shake our Captain America?

It does more than shake Steve it literally sends him flying through the air. I'm sure the enhancements that Crossbones must have will make him tough to beat. I cannot wait to see exactly what hes gone through since we last left him in Winter Soldier. If those pictures just don't do it for you here's a gif of it as well courtesy of Superherofeed.

This fight will definitely also be a big part of Civil War for me but of course the greatest one i want to see is what everyone else keeps thinking about.

Captain America Civil War definitely needs to hurry up and get to us because the anticipation keeps building each day! I know next year were getting Batman V Superman but the fact is that hasn't been building the way Iron and Cap have been.

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