ByAndrew Young, writer at

What a time to be alive for movies! I mean age of ultron, antman, fantastic four and star wars all on one year! And next year is even better! Batman vs superman, Civil War and many more! But I noticed something back in 2013 I noticed that all movies feel the man of steel I loved it and I'm sure others did as well but did you get that feeling it was just another action movie? Same with iron man 3 while it was good still felt a bit generic..same with thor and winter soldier! All great films but felt the same.

So why is it all these movies feel the same? The answer is really simply actually.

Hollywood is to scared to try anything outside the box! Let's say for example they came up for a original film but made the story like everyother movie they have made? Let's say the story was about a cross dressing gypsy who had a taste for saving people they wouldn't make it Because it's outside the box and are more scared to loose money!

It's the same with horror movies (cinema sins) they need to be reviewed before even being made I'm fed up of seeing a trailer for paranormal activity every year.

So how do hollywood fix this? Just think outside the box! It's not hard! And with that I'm out.


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