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Most of us Vampire Diaries fans are still digesting the action packed and surprising season finale, and the thing that hit us all the hardest was saying goodbye to some of our favorite characters for the last time.

But, alas, not all characters are created equal and some of their last breaths or final curtains will have affected us more than others. Of course, we will all have our own opinions on this topic, but below is my ranking of the most heartbreaking Season 6 deaths and exits. The question is, do you agree with me?

5. Tyler

I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for putting Tyler at the bottom of the list, but hear me out!

I really feel like Season 6 did Tyler no justice whatsoever and it felt like the writers were clutching at straws to give him storylines after the first few episodes. In my eyes, it was just time for him to go.

Obviously triggering his werewolf curse again (especially under the circumstances) was not ideal, but Tyler's exit at least involved him leaving town to start a new life instead of dying.

For these reasons, Tyler's exit didn't give me all the feels, which is a shame seeing as he's been with us since Season 1 and deserved a more cinematic exit.

4. Kai

Yes, Kai was a no-good piece of work, and yes, I did jump for joy when Damon karate chopped his smug, arrogant face off his shoulders, but I will miss him.

Kai might have been despicable, but it's hard to argue he wasn't the best big bad that The Vampire Diaries has seen in a long time. Kai managed to be terrifyingly unhinged, charming and funny all at once - which is no mean feat.

Let's just hope Season 7's mortal enemies can blow him out of the water, but I'm worried they might seem stilted and stale in comparison.

3. Liv

Liv was by no means a main player in this season, or indeed the show, but the emotional punch of her death was a killer moment in the finale.

The way that the Gemini Coven witch allowed Tyler to end her life to save his own was a real tear-jerker, especially after their admissions of love in their final moments.

Obviously, the emotional impact of Liv's death is intimately tied to Tyler and his suffering as he suffocated her, but I also got all emotional thinking of her reunited with Luke somewhere in the magical realm.

2. Jo

How could you not feel for poor ill-fated Jo? After trying to escape her witchy roots in the worst possible location (she should really have done her research about Mystic Falls!), Jo's past caught up with her in the most catastrophic way.

Not only was Jo coldheartedly murdered on what was meant to be the happiest day of her life, she also lost her twin babies and left Alaric emotionally devastated to boot.

Jo really established herself as a new character and it was awful to see her meet such a blood sodden and senseless demise.

1. Elena

It was obvious Elena was going to top this list, and I'm sure I don't need to preach to the choir about why her sleeping beauty exit was the most heartbreaking of them all.

In short, Elena was the keystone of this series and half of the most beloved ship. Her exit left Damon crushed and alone and also hit every other character we hold dear right in the delicate feels.

Thanks to the emotional flashbacks, we got to see how Elena had touched everyones lives and helped to change them for the better in some ways. We got to experience firsthand how much she will be missed by every single surviving Mystic Falls resident, and that made her death the hardest to take.


Which Season 6 finale death/exit did you find the most heartbreaking?



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