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In recent weeks, El Mayimbe has been posting some promotional/concept art for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of justice viathe Heroic Hollywood instagram. While it remains to be seen if the art is official, it's pretty convincing and beyond that; just plain awesome we saw Wonder Woman in her iconic poses and a full look at Batman's armoured suit. But now we get some art that not only gives us great looks at both Superman and Batman in the new film, but takes inspiration from two of the greatest comic storylines to feature the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader facing off against each other.

First of all, we have Superman choking out Batman, armour and all, in a pose exactly like in Batman: Hush (though it was just a cover, the panel never featured in the actual story)

Interesting, huh? It shows a pretty worn Batman with a torn cape and heavily scratched armour contrasting with a very powerful looking Superman. Wierdly enough, Supes is sporting a different haircut than we've seen Cavill with. But hey, maybe I'm just reading too much into this. It's some sweet art, and the batsuit is looking great.

Secondly, we have art which contrastingly shows Batman on top, slugging Supes pretty damn good. Again, Batman still has a torn cape in this one, despite his being on the front foot, perhaps implying that most of the fight doesn't quite go his way? Or maybe just because it looks cool, who knows. Similarly to the first image, this one is a direct homage to Batman Dark Knight, plus the armoured suit.

Wrapping up...

So that's the new Batman v. Superman promo art. What do you guys think of it? Feel free to let us know down below, and until next time, enjoy your life!

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