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Many ignore the origin of this creature but I know it well. From it's descendants, to the nest of their larva that pollutes the core of our planet.

You may think that the human part in you is something to be thankful for. Your many victims would disagree.

I have found your nest in The Enchanted Island; I found the traces of flattered carcasses due to your uncontrollable hunger. Te llaman “El Vampiro de Moca”. I call you by your murderous name. El Chupacabras.

The story of this creature is anything but a mystery. My army and I have been hunting their kind for over one hundred years.

Their origin is from Japan’s imperial family. Their crowning ceremony was once interrupted by a cold creature that the Japanese call O-Yama the lord of death.

O-Yama had attempted to pierce the strong and viral Japanese people but had never been successful. In spite he kidnapped their most priced joy, their future queen.

O-Yama planted his seed in the womb of the princess, while the Japanese army searched for her high and low with no luck.

They finally found her with no child to be found. Immediately the captain takes his Bayonet and ends the princess’s life fearing of what may come.

The captain soon realizes that the child had been taken by one of his own. The search pursues for the vial creature.

It has landed in an island the call Puerto Rico. It was found by nuns and raised in the orphanage.

Her human characteristics allowed her to pass as one of us. But her evil soul would soon emerge. They called her Isa. Short for Isabel. Her beauty was like no other. Her kindness for others was reviving. It is said that the nuns would compete for Isa’s love . She was loved and nurtured like their own.

On Isa’s 15th birthday Mother Superior gave her a cross that was given to her by the mother superior's mother. Isa hugged Mother Superior in happiness while tears of joy spurted out.

Mother Superior left the room and Isa immediately dropped to her knees in pain.

The cross had burnt her hand.

Upon arriving to prayer with the rest of the girls Isa felt a certain relief. One of the girls that had always hated Isa made a snide remark, causing Isa to go into a violent tantrum, something that the sisters had never witnessed.

Her eyes became demon like, her skin shed like a snake. Her fangs pierced through her mouth.Not even the house of God could stop the creature from presenting itself.

On the night of August 20th 1901 the Santa Maria convent was found in what some describe as a convent of Mummies. Every living soul had been drained of their blood. Not one drop was found. The nun's mummified bodies were all under the alter of the church as if seeking protection.

That monster had used it’s long wings to move to The Sonora Desert. Hoping the distance would make it forget.

She felt something that her monster body could not explain, her conscience.

Wanting not to live she roams this desert wanting to die of hunger, negating that thirst for blood.

But her beastly urges are to much for her to conquer. She feasts of Cows, horses, dogs any animal blood that can satisfy her thirst.

There is still a part of Isa in her. But even that part has to be destroyed and the nest with all her kind.


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