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Everyone needs a home makeover every so often. A little feng shui and redecorating can really refreshen a home. Unless, of course, your wish is to scare the crap out of anyone and everyone who dares enter your house!

If you desire to model your home after The Addams' Family, then this store on Etsy run by Seattle sculptor Anthony Hicks called Tinplate Studios is just what you need. Using polymer clays, papier-mâché, and wire, these creepy crafts are a sure-fire way to make your house stand out.

You may want to bust out your credit cards right this moment, as these decoration are to die for...


Scythe Polyp

Tentacles and...are those claws I see? What kind of horrific monster did you find at the bottom of the ocean?

The Feejee Mermaid

I usually think of Ariel when I think mermaids, but this ghoulish critter is much more interesting. In a very spine-chilling way, of course.

Travesty in a Teacup

It's not every day your drink looks back up at you. It may be just me, but this isn't my cup of tea.

The Cursed Hand of Set

Could this be the hand of a human or a mythological beast that we discussed around campfires to scare each other? Perhaps these tales are more true than we wish to believe.

Rabisu, a Particularly Bothersome Ancient Babylonian Daemon

Imagine the bragging rights you will have when you get your hands on this jar containing the supernatural ancient god, Rabisu. Everyone will want to take a peek at this awe-inspiring creature.

Jeremy Teahog

This one is actually insanely cute, in my opinion. Sure, he may be covered in sharp horns...but just look at that sweet, innocent look in his eyes.

Tentacled Eye Brooch

In case your plain black mortician dress needs a bit of spicing up, this lovely brooch is sure to really bring out the color of your eyes...with its own.

Tinplate Studios will also create custom-made pieces, in case your twisted brain is set on your own creepy idea.

Why not pepper your house with these macabre artifacts? Nothing is more welcoming than an eyeball in your hot steaming cup of tea.

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