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If you saw [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035), you may recall the scene that was kind of the calm before the storm. It was right before Ultron was kind of "birthed" so to speak... before he appears in his most fragile state as a collection of broken and busted parts.

The Avengers were kind of drunk, sitting around talking to each other and seeing if any of the gang could pick up Thor's hammer. Of course, nobody was able to do it. Later in the film, Vision picks it up with relative ease, much to the dismay of Thor and the confusion of the rest of the gang.

It's an extremely powerful object and the magical aspect to it is difficult to quantify or analyze. HOWEVER, we do have a pretty sweet video that goes in to detail regarding Mjölnir... the hammer made of Uru metal, which only comes from Asgard, which is where Thor is from, of course.

Are people who can't pick it up not worthy? Or is it just too heavy? What happens if somebody drops it? Check this video out to get pretty much all the answers you need. Shout out to YouTuber Vsauce3 for the super detailed video! I'm sure you'll learn at least one thing you didn't know about one of the best weapons ever!

So, it's not that the hammer necessarily even weights that much. It only weighs 42.3 pounds in the Uru version of the tale. It's origin makes it magical, and science actually backs the fact that dropping it would end the world.

The bottom line is, Thor is amazing, he's worthy, and he's a great man. I've got mad love for Thor.



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