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There are some acronyms I find myself asking my younger siblings to translate for me, as if I suddenly speak a different language. For example, I didn't know what THOT was. I had to ask what OOTD meant, and why are kids taking duck-lipped selfies still?

Wow. I am starting to feel like an old woman.

I now repeatedly talk about my childhood and when I talk about bands and movies they are met with blank stares by my younger siblings and their friends. I might as well invest in a cane at the age of 24.

So, put your feet up, grab your yarn and knitting needles, and pop in your hearing aids. This article is about to make you feel real old, real fast.

Check out these 11 antiques that will make you feel old!

1. Furby-licious

It's been 17 years since these little hamster/owl creatures were invented. The epitome of cute but creepy.

2. Winnie Cooper, Everyone's First Crush

Remember Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years? She's actually 40-years-old now. And let's face it... we're still crushing.

3. Take a Look! It's in a Book!

We all sang along to the catchy intro song for the show Reading Rainbow. Did you know that it first came out in 1983? That's right people. Reading Rainbow is a whopping 32-years-old.

4. Tomagotchi

Sure, mine kept dying on me... but I swear I'm going to make a good mother.

5. The Lion King Is Old Enough to Get a Drink

The Lion King is the big 2-1! It's been two decades since we first starting uttering the words "Hakuna Matata."

6. The More You Know PSA

The first 'The More You Know' PSA aired on NBC in September 1989, nearly 26 years ago.

7. Beavis and Butthead

The first episode premiered 22 years ago. I can still hear their low-pitched stoner-like laugh ringing in my ears.

8. The Mesmerizing Maze

I could watch this screensaver for hours.

9. Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia

This always made me feel like I had quite the green thumb. Even though my succulent died on me last month.

10. Sea-Monkeys

So what if they looked more like shrimp than the mermaid cartoons on the box. They were still my little babies I took really good care of.

11. Eyyyyy Macarena

I specifically remember dancing to this song during my fifth birthday party for two hours straight (I have proof, as it's all on video). Little did I know the lyrics are about a girl cheating on her boyfriend.

Sometimes I wish someone had invented a time machine already so I may be transported to the good ol' days. For now, I'll just be grateful that '90s fashion trends are in right now. Tattoo chokers and light-up shoes are all the rage.

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