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Rory O'Connor

I'm actually still trying to process the overwhelming experience of watching Pete Doctor's Inside Out. There's just so much in there about growing up, family and just being sad. A quick scan through Twitter seems to suggest that I might not be the only one.

The raucous applause that greeted the film yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival suggested that yes, Pixar is back. And the reactions that have surfaced online in the last 24 hours have only helped to confirm that.

Indiewire's Jessica Kiang nailed it, as usual:

While the larger outlets kept a more professional tone:

Everyone was delighted to see the great studio return to form:

Robbie Collin, writing for the telegraph, went as far as referencing a contemporary master:

And, as usual, some moron went way too far.

There's always one...

Inside Out hits theaters on June 19th. Don't forget your Kleenex.


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