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What a lovely day for some Mad Max easter eggs!

George Miller's gloriously insane Fury Road - a cacophonic symphony of carefully orchestrated mayhem - blew me away with its eye-watering visuals and relentless action.

However, I was too busy marveling at the unrestrained insanity taking place before my eyes to notice much of the movie's referential subtleties - but that doesn't mean they aren't there.

Look closer and you'll notice a bunch of winks and nods to the original movies, showing just how much care they took to honor the trilogy that spawned this beautifully violent reboot. Just in case you're not up to date on the franchise's lineage, take a look at this trailer for The Road Warrior below, which actually served as a major inspiration for Fury Road:

I can't believe how young Mel Gibson looks!

Anyway, on to the easter eggs, which Mr Sunday Movies has handily compiled into one awesome video - test your Mad Max fandom and see how many of these callbacks you spotted...

The War Boys tattoo 'Road Warrior' on Max's back

Max's car, the Interceptor, is the same car he drives in the original movies

This unfortunate bandit's head seems to be the same as the Gyro Captain's in Mad Max 2

The scene where Max is strapped to the front of the car comes directly from the original movies

Immortan Joe is portrayed by Hugh Keays-Byrne, the actor who played the Toecutter in Mad Max

Check out the full list of easter eggs in the video below:


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