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Nina Dobrev has been spending some time with a new guy of late, but she is committed to respecting the girl code to avoid upsetting her friend Selena Gomez.

According to Hollywood Life, Dobrev has been getting close to Gomez's DJ ex, Zedd but does not wish to push things into relationship territory to avoid rubbing anyone up the wrong way.

An insider source reportedly exclusively told the gossip site that:

"They are friends right now mostly because of different fears. Zedd thinks Nina is hot and would date her in a heartbeat. A few things are holding stuff back. He is scared to be in the tabloids again and she doesn’t want to upset Selena."
Selena Gomez with Nina Dobrev in 2012
Selena Gomez with Nina Dobrev in 2012

To be honest, I think this is just the same old Dobrev disease of the poor gal being coupled with every guy she dares to look at, but if not, it's nice to hear that she is doing the right thing for her chum!


Do you think Nina and Zedd really want to become an item?

(Source: Hollywood Life via Instagram)


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