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OK, so we all know the famous hit show 'The Simpsons,' right? We also know that really cool movie franchise which earned MORE THAN A BILLION DOLLARS called 'The Hangover,' right? Well, guess what: the entire narrative of 'The Hangover' was actually done in an episode of The Simpsons...10 years before the movie even hit theaters. The episode in question is The Simpsons' 10th season's 10th episode titled "Viva Ned Flanders", released on January 10, 1999, whereas 'The Hangover' was released on June 5, 2009.

"Viva Ned Flanders" or "Viva Doug Billings"

Written by David M. Stern, the episode tells us how Ned Flanders is 60 Years old!! YUP YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT!! 60 FREAKING YEARS OLD!!! He isn't very happy with his old age and somehow he and Homer go to a casino and LADIDADIDA you know the rest!! And we all know what happened to 'the wolf-pack' or 'the trio' when they went to Vegas...

So now that we got the casino and the casino wonderland part out of the way let me tell you why 'The Hangover' And 'The Simpsons' are similar. I mean, there are many other movies and T.V. shows that took place in casinos. Well, here are some examples of why I believe The Simpsons did The Hangover way before The Hangover did:

Starting with the name of the casino to the tiger to the boxer to the car!! Everything is the same!!! WOW!! I mean yeah there are differences but the similarities are uncanny!!

Now I'm not saying The Hangover ripped off The Simpsons. No sir, there wasn't any ripping. I'm just saying that The Hangover happened before The Hangover!! And it happened on one of our favorite shows - The Simpsons. Maybe the same brain waves occurred to two different people at two different times and they thought of the same thing!!


Are they alike or are they not??


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