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Star Trek: Into Darkness left us with a bittersweet finale of Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew warping for their next destination, initiating the oh-so-famous 5-year mission. And Trekkies around the world are anxious about Star Trek 3. Everyone is wondering: Villains. What about the villains?

In Star Trek (2009), Nero (portrayed by the marvel-ous Eric Bana) destroys the planet Vulcan for retaliation against Spock Prime. Who's to say that Romulans will not return? Now that Spock is making his weaknesses apparent (Those weaknesses consisting mainly of Jim Kirk, Uhura, and the Enterprise crew) there is every chance that the relating races will collide, with the Enterprise's First Officer on the defensive first line.

And Kirk, being his partner-in-crime and best friend, will, most likely, take a very heavy blow, especially after the radiation chamber scene in Into Darkness. We might speculate all we want, but the real story is known only among the much-loved and talented cast and crew of the Star Trek continuation. Rendez-vous at July 6th!!!


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