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Redditor platnumcy (his stuff can be found on Facebook at 23rdDayCosplay) is going to be at Denver Comic-Con, and if you'll be there too you should keep an eye out for his ridiculously on-point cosplay of Jack Skellington that is guaranteed to creep you out. Clearly, a lot of effort went into it, what with make-up and garb that is strikingly similar to the actual character himself.

If you can, you should try to get a pic with the guy, but I'm sure it won't be easy - there will be lot's of people trying to do the same thing.

Check out the awesome look!

You see that door behind him? Clearly he's got some serious height to make this cosplay work. Also, an amazing outfit, and make-up that is seriously impressive helps to knock this cosplay out of the park.

This is an incredibly meticulous and detailed process. The blending of the black around his eyes and the white across the rest of his face is excellent, and obviously the mouth is very well done, too.

And this suit! Gold. This has to be one of the best Jack Skellington cosplays I've ever seen, and I think is up there on my list of best cosplays, period. The most important variable to me with any cosplay is effort - and there's no shortage of that here.

I would be creeped out if I saw this dude on the street and there wasn't a nearby convention going on. I think that's exactly what he was going for!

Here are three pretty good examples of Skellington cosplays... do they match up?

DeviantArtist Maho-Urei pulled a pretty good one off

Baby/Santa version taken by Locked Illusions

Nelson D Martinez came with some pretty awesome pants in this one

These are cool, but I still think our boy platnumcy takes the cake!

(Via: fashionablygeek)


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