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Now that Disney owns half of the known universe (or at least most of the parts that I care about), it can’t be long before franchise crossovers start running rampant across our screens.

It appears that no one is more attuned to this reality than Damon Lindelof, who wrote Disney’s fantasy/adventure Tomorrowland that lands in theaters this weekend. In keeping with the movie's subject matter, the screenwriter is using past properties to look to the future, which could have meant the biggest crossover encapsulated in one moment.

In an interview with IGN, Lindelof teases his early idea for a post-credits scene, and it pays tribute to one of the Avengers:

My pitch was that there was going to be a post-credits scene in Tomorrowland and at the very end of the movie, if you watch the credits, there’s a pin and you see someone picking it up. And the reveal would be that Sam Jackson, wearing an eye patch and holding a lightsaber and he looks sort of befuddled – maybe a Frozone uniform – and he goes ‘I’m in this one too?’ And bam, cut to black.

Okay, so all the props and costumes may have been a bit excessive, but I can't help but enjoy the prospect of Samuel L. Jackson in yet another universe, especially if it's tongue-in-cheek.

He's the Holy Grail of connection between some of the biggest and best movies ever. Sadly, this idea was shot down, and we all must go through life with Jackson in only ninety-five percent of our favorite movies.

In the end, the Tomorrowland stinger turned out to be...

Just a spinning Tomorrowland pin that quickly flashes.

Hopefully with Disney's ownership of Marvel, Star Wars, and their own animation studios, we'll see crossovers like this actually come to fruition in the future.

I'm fully onboard if that's what tomorrow has in store.


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