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From children's birthday parties to company events, FluffyRuff has opened up and given us an insider look into the world of being a Disney Princess. This includes the good, the bad, and the ugly.

FluffyRuff's stories include moments of pain, humor, anger, and even an incredibly shocking story about parents misbehaving. Check out seven of her most memorable moments below.

Oh my!

I can imagine it being incredibly enjoyable, with the ability to dress up as any character you want. Dealing with little bratty children and difficult parents, however, can make for some issues...

1. The Heated Hulk

On her first day, FluffyRuff was dressed in a full-fledged Hulk suit in the middle of July.

"We spent the whole party outside, and by the time the 1 hour party was over and I was picked up, I was literally BATHED in sweat, woozy, and had a massive headache. Got home and rehydrated, but man was that bad."

I definitely am not feeling green with envy for this situation.

2. The Loss of a Little Princess

During FluffyRuff's first time dressed as a Disney Princess, she met this sweet little birthday girl.

"This was probably the shittiest part of my job. I was super nervous during the party but she was such a sweet kid that I just wanted to do my best for her. We hosted a charity event for her not to long after her passing. I still feel awful about it."

In memory of the darling little girl, FluffyRuff even hosted a charity event in memory of her. What a touching way to pay her respects.

3. On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

FluffyRuff was challenged to a race with another mascot at a charity event.

"This is a moment I'm especially proud of. I'm a track and field runner so I'm competitive. That bitch ass motherfucker didn't even see it coming, I just hitched up my ball gown and sprinted down the track. I got a lot of cheers. Suck it!"

Sometimes that old training from back in the track and field days can actually be useful.

4. Evil Kids

FluffyRuff was hired to dress up as Olaf from Frozen during a party that took place at a community center. While the children took to her coworker who was dressed as Elsa, the kids began to use FluffyRuff as a human punching bag.

"This party was the worst one I had been to in my whole career. The kids were so unruly that they separated us, so one group was following Elsa and begging her to sing 'Let it Go' and what not, while my corner became a version of Walt Disney Smackdown. Kids were punching me, kicking me, and trying to get into my costume. The parents did nothing and basically watched them turn me into a plush, adorable punching bag. Eventually, I got pissed off, and I whirled around and smacked one of them in the face. I then waved my hands around, like I hadn't seen them there, and everyone laughed it off. Little shit deserved it."

5. Elsa Can Make It Snow

Once when dressed as Elsa, FluffyRuff was asked by the kids to make it snow.

"I had actually checked the weather forecast before I went to the party, but when I first got there it hadn't snowed yet. Mother nature was on my side and the kids loved it. Pretty sure one of the grandparents thought I was a witch or something, because she crossed herself as soon as it happened."

She just let it snow...

6. Parents Party Hardy

During a child's birthday party, two parents were openly smoking weed in the presence of children.

"This made me pretty confused and upset. I don't judge anyone who smokes weed- it's your body, do with it what you will. But what I do judge is people who smoke, weed or cigarettes or otherwise, in the presence of children. I rolled up to bring in crafts stuff for the kids and saw two parents sharing a joint in the backyard, with another smoking a pipe. I went about the party but I was pretty pissed inside."

That's pretty unnecessary, dudes.

7. Smiles That Could Melt Your Heart

FluffyRuff claims that the best part about her job is the fact that she is able to give so much joy to the children. Parents are also incredibly appreciative of FluffyRuff's positive influence on the kids.

"In all honesty, with all the shit I had to put up with, making the kids happy really made me happy. When the kids are hugging you goodbye, telling you they love you, and the parents are thanking you for making their kid's day, you get a really nice fuzzy feeling and a good sense of pride in what you've done. You've made a difference, and that's what really counts."

Oh, the feels! There is nothing more beautiful than spreading cheer to some lovely little ones. Forget the occasional brat or parent-zilla. It seems like even wearing an uncomfortable or ugly costume is worth it just to see a smile spread over the children's faces.

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