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NBC's Red Nose Day is all about using comedy and entertainment to make a positive change. The event aims to raise both awareness and funds for children currently living in poverty. The charity is pulling out all the stops and all of our favorite stars to get the attention they need.

Pitch Perfect 2's Anna Kendrick recently starred in a quick sketch for Red Nose Day in which she takes on the role of a female Indiana Jones. Check out her hilarious spoof of Indiana Jones below:

Whip it good

C'mon, man. Indi-Anna is more than just a pretty face, she's also a respected Archeology professor!

Did she choose the right cup?

Of course she did! She is Anna Kendrick and everything she does is right.

Why not take a few souvenirs while you're at it?

Between the museum and her house, these goblets will definitely be put to good use.

Way to go, Anna!

Between choosing the right grail and the perfect "knight school" joke, both of these characters deserve a high-five.

While her Last Crusade is a seriously far cry from the originals, I would definitely watch Anna Kendrick play Indiana Jones. Heck, I would watch Anna Kendrick do just about anything!

To learn more about the Red Nose Day Fund, check out their page HERE.

*Disclaimer: Since there seems to be some confusion, Anna Kendrick is not actually playing Indiana Jones in a female-driven Indiana Jones movie. This was merely a funny sketch created for a charity event.*


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