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If you loved [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445), you're not alone. It still boasts a 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes and everyone I know who has seen it was entranced. It was what action movies should aspire to, and seeing it in 3D, I also feel like they perfectly utilized that technology to enhance the film - can't be said for every 3D movie I've seen.

Anyway, if you badly need more War Boys on your local movie theater screens, you're in luck. The sequel is in the works. The news it that it's going to be called Mad Max: The Wasteland. Sounds too legit to quit, so they won't.

The movie's director George Miller went above and beyond in announcing it, creating a brand new Twitter account to spread the news - and joy - that this was going to happen:

He also more professionally announced this in a Q&A With Jeff Goldsmith podcast where he had this to say...

“We’ve got one screenplay and a novella. It happened because with the delays (while making "Fury Road"), and writing all the backstories, they just expanded."

Will Tom Hardy be rejoining? No doubt. The man has 3 more films left on his contract, should they be made. As for Charlize Theron, that is not yet decided and remains unclear.

Warner Brothers still hasn't confirmed the sequel news, but that 98% score and a $110 million opening weekend makes me think Miller has pretty good job security with this franchise.

If you haven't seen this movie, go see it. Like, tonight. It's awesome.

(Via: Huffington Post)


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