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News of the cancellation of the Bioshock movie seemed to divide fans of 2K Games' seminal, dystopian first-person shooter. Some were bitter disappointed that they'd never see Big Daddy on the big screen, for others (myself included) the news came with a major sigh of relief.

If you ask me, Bioshock the game was already a perfectly adept narrative device and any film adaptation was likely to pale in comparison. It seems the game's creator, Ken Levine, eventually arrived at the same conclusion and cancelled the live-action adaptation in 2013.

However, that wasn't before several concept artists were able to sketch out their visions of Rapture. We have previously seen the work of Jim Martin, who provided some sweeping views of the underwater city, but Thor concept artist Kasra Farahani has finally shown us what the Big Daddies and Little Sisters would have looked like. Check them out below:

The Lone Ranger and Pirates of the Caribbean sequels director Gore Verbinski was originally attached to helm the Bioshock film project, however he abandoned the production after Universal failed to meet his demands for a larger budget and a hard R-rating.

Universal then handed over the reigns to 28 Weeks Later director, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. However, Levine did not believe he was a good match for Bioshock, and disillusioned by the entire pre-production, decided to pull the plug on the project all together. If Levine didn't like what he was seeing and hearing, it's probably a good thing the Bioshock film never made it to fruition.

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