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Although seeing Elena live was the ideal ending to her time on The Vampire Diaries for most fans, there are some among us who would prefer the clean, sharp cut of a death for the iconic Mystic Falls heroine.

So, to counter my last article on the reasons why it was awesome that Elena lived, here is the darker side of the argument on reasons we should have put the formidable Gilbert into the ground for good.

5. Less Strings on Damon

Julie Plec has teased that Season 7 will revolve around Damon adjusting to his changed circumstances, but with his deviant personality surfacing and a simple way to get Elena back, could this lead to predictable storylines?

Much has been made of Damon's friendship with Bonnie, but a return to the impulsive and irrational character we first met means nothing is set in stone...

Another concern is that fact that The Vampire Diaries has always been based around romance, but now arguably the most desirable character is in a 60 year relationship with what is essentially a corpse.

Dealing with how Damon copes with this definitely has potential to be interesting, but I can't help but think that any new relationships he makes will be seen as immensely disrespectful and that things might get too moralistic to handle with Stefan around...

4. A Genuine Character Death Would be Good for the Show

The Vampire Diaries is very non-committal when it comes to major character deaths and this over sentimentality has led to a "but, are they really dead?" outlook from even the most hardcore fans.

This dulls the emotional impact of moments where it seems like the characters are in genuine peril and leads to people like poor Jeremy dying five times. While this was interesting at first, it would be great if the writers could make a commitment - and what better way to head in this direction than killing Elena Gilbert?

3. No Gimmicky Cameos

While I love the idea of Elena returning to finish the show when the time comes, I'm worried about how this seemingly inevitable cameo will be executed.

We have had enough moments of Delena showing off their epic love and waltzing into the sunset together and I'm concerned that's exactly how Elena emerging from her slumber will go down.

2. More Drama to Bring Us into Season 7

The death of Elena, the person who connected everyone together, would totally rumble the very foundations of the group to give us a turbulent, emotional and groundbreaking beginning to Season 7.

Although she is more-or-less gone right not, the Sleeping Beauty slumber just doesn't have the same finality as death and won't lead characters into questioning the mortality (or lack of it) in the same way.

1. Less Loose Ends or Confusing Mythology

The Vampire Diaries' biggest flaw as a show is its inconsistent and confusing mythologies that are often not properly explained so loopholes can be made at a later date.

From the moment I heard Elena would be sleeping for 60 plus years I wondered if she would age or be clawed out of the coffin as an old lady by a desperate Damon, and this isn't what viewers should be thinking about!

These bizarre flights of fancy take away from the streamlined natures of the storylines like potholes on a smooth road and they will only continue into Season 7 now Elena is alive and in limbo.



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