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Can you believe that it was 11 years ago that the world was introduced to Regina George and the Plastics of North Shore High School in the Tina Fey comedy Mean Girls? Shut up, right?!

The film has deservedly enjoyed massive popularity since its release, and it's no surprise that over the years fans have repeatedly asked if and when there might be a Mean Girls reunion, however today I'm sorry to tell you that our dreams of seeing an older version of the Plastics have been officially dashed by one Aaron Samuels, because he's a life ruiner. He ruins people's lives.

Jonathan Bennet, who played the extremely drool-worthy Aaron Samuels (who looked totally sexy with his hair pushed back) dashed many dreams when speaking to Us Weekly at the Reality TV Awards (yep, apparently that's a thing) about the possibility of him reuniting with Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and the rest of the amazing cast. Bennet, quite rudely responded to the question:

“I don’t give a f–k, no. No more Mean Girls reunions! If anyone asks me one more time if there’s going to be a ’Mean Girls’ reunion, I’m going to kill someone. No! There’s not going to be a ’Mean Girls’ reunion! Stop trying to make it happen! It’s not going to happen!

Um, did he use a Mean Girls quote while simultaneously shutting down the idea of a Mean Girls reunion? Hell No! I did not leave the South Side for this!

But regardless of what Jonathan Bennet has to say, we all know that Aaron Samuels isn't a totally necessary character for a Mean Girls reunion anyway, and besides, with Lindsay Lohan telling Entertainment Weekly last year that she'd be up for a sequel I think we've got all the star power for a potential sequel we need without Bennet on board. Not to mention we've even got the perfect date for a sequel to be release:

Come on Tina Fey, be the cool mom and make a Mean Girls sequel happen!

Source: MTV


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