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With the release of Batman v Superman's inaugural trailer, the hot debate of the moment (and it's a recurring one amongst comic book fans) seems to center around which of these two heroes would win in a fight. Well, I've got a different, slightly more one-sided match up for you: Superman's Fist v Your Face.

The brainiacs over at Vsauce3 have done the math behind this fight, and the results are not at all pretty. Take a look...

Fist of Fury

Moving at slightly below the speed of light, if Supes had an average sized fist, it would produce a punch with a total energy of 190 quadrillion joules. Yep, that's a lot. In fact, it's the equivalent of 45 megatons of TNT, or over 2,800 times more powerful than a nuclear bomb.

Calorific Logistics

Throwing one punch with this amount of force would burn 45 trillion calories, which is around the same as 82 billion Big Macs. Well, I guess that explains this scene then:

Man's gotta eat!

5 Million Suns In One Fist

Okay, so now we have one of the largest bombs ever contained in a fist which is about to be unleashed on your beautiful face. What happens next?

Well, the energy released by Superman's fist would produce a scorching heat of around 80 trillion kelvin; more than 5 million times hotter than the sun. That's definitely a punch you're gonna want to try and dodge. However, there's one crucial problem with that plan:

You (Literally) Wouldn't See it Coming

It takes about one centisecond for the light that hits your retina to then be registered by the brain. But, traveling at just under the speed of light, the punch would only take 3.4 nanoseconds to reach your face, making it impossible to see with the human eye.

So, you're gonna get hit, but how much is it going to hurt?

A Lot.

Superman's fist has now become pretty much as powerful as a particle beam, and would actually liquify you at the atomic level. Superman wouldn't just punch the wind out of you, he would punch the you out of you.

For more gruesome details on your face's inevitable disintegration and the aftermath it would have on the surroundings (here's a clue: mass devastation), check out the full video below:

[Source: Vsauce3]


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