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Don't you just love old, hilarious celebrity videos? These are the kind of videos that must keep celebrities awake at night. The dodgy commercial, the instructional video, the early days while they tried to reach the top? No-one said it was easy, and the breakdancing video of Vin Diesel is pure gold. He's got skills!

Well, I say skills, it's all very '80s and comical, but again I must stress, it was the '80s. And, if you look at 50 seconds in, it seems poor Vin takes a kick to his 'you know what,' but he carries on, like the total champion he is!

Also, the Fast and Furious mega star had hair?! Lots of it, and liked to tie a blue scarf around his head. All the rage in the 1980s.

Take a look at the video, and remember to pay attention at 50 seconds! Poor Vin!

And while we're on the topic of embarrassing videos of celebrities I have put together a delightful selection for you to enjoy. No need to thank me, I'm sure the stars of these videos won't want to!

Now, sit back and enjoy the splendor that was the 1980s and 1990s. These videos prove that those golden decades were really the most amazing times, especially for mullets, dodgy dancing and cringworthy celebrity endorsements.


1. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and the wonderful people at Pepsi welcome you to the movies! In the most '80s and lavish way possible!

2. Paul Walker

Making himself a few dollars in a totally '80s Coca Coca way. Go Paul!

3. Keanu Reeves

That man clearly loves his morning bowl of cereal!

4. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer has succumbed to the LYNX effect!

5. Kayley Cuoco

Look at little Kayley as a young Ellen Degeneres in a nostalgic episode of the Ellen Show! Cute!

6. Bruce Willis

Never give up acting for a singing career Bruce. Please, please don't!

7. John Travolta

This without a doubt the best thing I have ever seen! Tokyo Drink!

8. Scarlett Johansson

This is her audition for Jumanji, imagine if she would have been in the movie?!

9. Paul Rudd

Try telling me that they aren't the best graphics you've ever seen!?

10. Ben Affleck

Batfleck himself! Proof that car phones were once the height of fashion.


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